Smith Lake Waterfront Houses For Sale

Smith Lake Waterfront Houses For Sale

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Smith Lake waterfront houses for sale

Sunny and beautiful Smith Lake is a long-time destination for golf lovers, surf lovers and those who just want to escape to a un hurried atmosphere. This Smith Lake village boasts just such a un hurried atmosphere. Just nine miles long, this Smith Lake island is connected to the Smith Lake mainland by a tunnel and two bridges. With a city speed limit of really just twenty mph, this Smith Lake Island village is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the nerve wrecking city. The unique combination of private properties, historic buildings, historic bungalows, and luxurious estates along the sandy Smith Lake waterfront property and waterfront beaches add to this Smith Lake Islandís mysterious charm. Located in Southwestern Alabama, Surfs Surprise is approximately 65 miles south of Orlando and 45 miles north of Naples. Both residents and visitors alike usually enjoy activities involving the Southwestern Alabama area's beautiful surroundings. These include fishing, golfing, swimming, canoeing, crabbing, biking and simply collecting seashells along the seemingly endless number of miles of sandy Smith Lake beaches. Everyone should understand that golf is of extreme importance to the Smith Lake life style. There are at least 11 courses on the mainland, with just over a dozen more located in the surrounding regions and areas. Between fun rounds of golf, you can attend a community fair such as the Smith Lake Festival of oranges, or shop for unique gifts and crafts at area shops and boutiques. For more entertainment, Smith Lake residents can simply make the short drive into Smith Lake, the most highly frequented resort on the whole west coast, with many opportunities for dancing, dining, culture and nightlife. Our public high schools include Smith Lake Schools, which operates schools here in Smith Lake. Real Estate options and opportunities in Smith Lake consisting entirely of single family homes, estate properties, condominiums, townhouses and raw land and undeveloped lots.

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